Lets Go For Dinner supports the following charities:

Positive Women's Network
BC Kidney Foundation
Learning Disabilities Association

Lets Go For Dinner -- An easier way to raise money

Lets Go For Dinner generates revenue for your organization every time a supporter enjoys a great restaurant meal
What the Supporter Receives -- Lower Priced Meals for Two

When a supporter signs up to Lets Go For Dinner, they receive a co branded membership card with your logo on it, which they can use to save $20 on a dinner for two. The supporter generates these savings by purchasing a $50 restaurant certificate for $30.

At the end of the meal, the supporter presents the membership card and the $50 is automatically deducted from the bill with the supporter paying the remaining balance.

We have over 40 participating restaurants with more joining every week!.

Why is Lets Go For Dinner better than similar products?

  1. Lets Go For Dinner offers you more revenue. Every time a supporter uses a certificate the charity earns money.
    • It is very easy for consumers to start using Lets Go For Dinner - no upfront membership or book purchase
    • This will increase certificate sales and charity revenue
  2. No books to be ordered, tracked or delivered
    • Lets Go For Dinner will mail the membership cards to your supporters
    • All you do is mail or email your supporters with our customisable letter and encourage them to join and dine out
  3. Regular revenue stream -- every month supporters purchase what they want, when they want generating revenue for the charity
  4. Your brand/organization is in their wallet ... all the time maintaining a connection
  5. Every time the card is used it generates a good feeling for supporter
    • Potential promotional opportunities to other diners at table. Card says "charitable not cheap"
  6. The card never runs out of your favourite restaurant certificates
  7. Avoids donor fatigue by providing something donors value and use
How it all Works for Charity -- Receive money for every Certificate Redeemed

The supporter signs up online from a link on the email sent to them or by entering a code from the letter onto the online sign up page. Lets Go For Dinner sends the membership card to the supporter. The supporter then can purchase 40%+ off certificates.

Lets Go For Dinner means more revenue and less hassle than any other revenue raising idea.

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