Every day ... restaurants are offering 50% off their certificates exclusively to LetsGoForDinner.com members!

Here's what to do to get your card:

  1. Register to receive a card; it costs nothing! Choose whether you want to be a Full Member or a Pay As You Go Member. Then, we'll mail you your membership card right away! (NOTE: it's mandatory to bring your member card to the restaurant for redemption.
  2. Now, you're ready to start saving!
  3. Find a restaurant on our website that you like and purchase a certificate for 50% off! You can store multiple certificates on your member card...just not to the same restaurant.
  4. At the end of the meal, give your card to your server and the face value of your certificate will be deducted from your bill.

Remember, before you go to the restaurant...buy your certificate and bring your card. That's it! For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.


  • Whats the catch?
  • There is no catch...just a smarter product. It's simply creative advertising with an outlook that puts its money into its customers. That's it.

  • Are there any blackout dates and rules I should be aware of?
  • Yes...1) you can't go on Mother's day/Valentine's Day/Christmas Day/New Year's Eve, 2) there MUST be a minimum of two people dining in your party to be valid, 3) one card per dinner party, 4) redemption at the same restaurant can only occur every 14 days.

  • Do I need to buy a certificate in order to get a discount at the restaurant?
  • Yes You should buy a certificate on our www.letsgofordinner.com first. It gets stored on your card and is redeemed at the restaurant. Store as many as you want as long as they're at different restaurants!

  • Can I use more than one card per dinner party??
  • The restrictions state that one card must be used by at least two people, however I would ALWAYS call the restaurant and ask.

  • Which restaurants are participating in your program?
  • All restaurants on the homepage are participating. There are over 35 of them! Calgary is not up and running as of yet.

  • Is the card only good once or can I use it again?
  • Use it over and over! Your member card is very important. It's where you store all of your goodies, and it's what you give to your server to get them!.

  • Can I just print off a certificate?
  • Nope. The card is mandatory.

  • Is there a membership fee for the service?
  • It's up to you. Your two membership options are: 'PAY AS YOU GO' (free - gets you 40% off all certificates), or 'FULL' ($15 yearly - gets you 50% off all certificates).

  • How can I help?
  • Thanks for asking! You can help by buying certificates, word of mouth, talking about us on Facebook or other social networks, or telling your favourite restaurants you'd like them to partner with us.