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More than one-third of consumers said they are eating or buying dinners out less frequently than one year ago.

Promotion-related visits ... increased six percent and non-deal visits slipped by one percent.

"Consumers express a strong desire to economize. This is apparent in the large number who plan to scale back visits to high-priced restaurants and coffee shops, reduce spending at restaurants and other retail venues, increase purchases of store brand groceries, make more meals at home, use coupons and take advantage of discounts and deals."

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Don't get overwhelmed with a daily deal service selling thousands of your certificates in one day!

Lets Go For Dinner was the First
Performance-Based Marketing System for Restaurants and we are proud to provide a marketing program that adds incremental and loyal business to your restaurant

No Coupons, No Paper, No Hassle, No Upfront Cost

Our solution optimally matches hungry consumers with your empty seats.

  1. Lets Go For Dinner sells your restaurant's gift certificates for half price from our website to our members only.
  2. We drive members to your restaurant. You pay only a small amount when a couple sits down to eat. Afterwards, we send you most of the amount collected from the consumer -- that's right, we send you customers and write you cheques!
  3. The certificate is digital and is stored on our servers -- no hassle in tracking, redemption and accounting. It's all done through your Point Of Sale system, the web, or telephone and best of all we increase your profitability and revenue immediately.

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